Needham Track Meet

Just a reminder that the Needham Outdoor Youth Classic is taking place today at the DeFazio Field located at 380 Dedham Avenue in Needham, MA. Friday’s events start at 3:45pm and Saturday’s events begin at 9:00am. Please go to for more information and the event schedule.

Make sure you arrive at least 45 minutes before the events start to register and warm up.
Be sure to bring along a change of clothes in case of inclement weather. (athletes should always bring along a sweat pants and shirt and an extra pair of socks). Parents bring along an umbrella in case it rains.
Make sure you bring along plenty of water to stay hydrated and food to snack on to keep your body energized. Some do’s and don’t’s about food: Do bring protein based food such as a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, peanut butter sandwich, nuts, and/or bananas. Do not bring along or buy foods such as pizza, hot dogs, salads, melons, citrus fruit, snacks loaded with sugar etc as they can cause athletes to get stitches in their side when they run.
Make sure you compete in ALL the field events as they are free. Your goal is try to score as many points as you can for the team. 1st place receives 10 points, 2nd – 8 points, 3rd – 6 points, 4th – 5 points, 5th – 4 points, 6th – 3 points, 7th – 2 points, and 8th – 1 point.
If you win a trophy or medal be sure to check it in at the Award Check-in table then come and let me know so I can record it.
It should be a fun meet. Hope to see many of you there.
Coach Heike Tuplin

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