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Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.39.11 PMFor more than 16 years, the South Shore Fireboltz Track & Field Team has masterfully interwoven competitive training with healthy, recreational fitness at no cost. Whether your child wants to become an elite track athlete, maintain their fitness levels in the off-season, or simply complete their¬†daily sixty minutes of exercise, we’ve got them covered.

Located in Hingham, Massachusetts, the South Shore Fireboltz practice every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from May-November. The Track & Field season begins in May and culminates with the Needham Youth Track Meet and the National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships in late July and early August. The Cross Country Season begins in late August and culminates with the Mayor’s Cup XC Championships and National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships in late October and November. We welcome all runners aged 7 – 15 years of age.

Throughout the years we have had more than a dozen athletes compete in the National Junior Olympic Championships with many of them being Regional Champions. However, most importantly, we have had every single athlete PR (personal record) by the end of the season. We pride ourselves on developing every athlete, irrespective of talents or skills.

Our focus on every single athlete proves to be worthwhile, as many of the student volunteers are past South Shore Fireboltz athletes who want to give back to the program that helped develop them into great student leaders. These student volunteers coupled with our experienced coaching staff provide exceptional workouts every practice.

The South Shore Fireboltz is so thankful to have had the undying support of our community sponsor, Invernizzi Construction, since our inception.

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Cell Phone: 617-750-1597

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